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The Home of Military Aircraft

Painted in a scheme similar to that applied during the Gulf War, this Tornado GR.4 is from RAF Marham
The aircraft is affectionately known as 'Pinkie'


Poland has a long affinity with RAF Northolt dating back to World War II
Three PZL Turbo-Orliks of the Polish Air Force attended the latest event

The Turbo-Orlik is the PlAF's primary trainer

French Air Force Alphajet

Royal Air Force Chinooks have regularly attended the events at Northolt

Beechcraft KingAir of the Royal Air Force based at RAF Cranwell
These aircraft are due to be replaced in RAF service in the near future

Helo's are popular attendee at the events, this Army Air Corps Gazelle being one of a dwindling number within the British Army's ranks

The Irish Air Corps are regular attendees at these events, having brought various different types over the years
Seen above is one of their is EC.135Ts

French Air Force Alphajets have also been regular attendees at Northolt Night shoots

This RAF Sea King from 202 Sqn sported the 'RAF SAR 70 Years' anniversary logo on its fuselage

This beautifully 'Tiger-striped' Aerospatiale Gazelle from the French Army attended Nigh Shoot #21

RAF Northolt
'Night Shoots'

A British Army Air Corps Westland Lynx AH.7

French Air Force AS.332L1 Super Puma from Villacoublay

With the 21st and latest Northolt 'Night shoot' having taken place on 6th October 2016, RAF Northolt provided Jetwash Aviation Photos with yet another evening to photograph military aircraft in a rather more unusual setting. Having not attended one of these events for some time I decided once again to make the trip to RAF Northolt. The events normally provide an opportunity to photograph military aircraft in a relaxed and congenial manner, along with the chance of something a little more diverse from the usual run of the mill backdrops available to photographers on a daily basis. More to the point, this particular evening promised some unusual and 'special' aircraft. At recent events, some of the expected items had failed to turn up, with the 20th Night shoot being of note! Of course the biggest issue is that attendance is subject to availability, and being operational aircraft result in last minute cancellations, however 'Nightshoot #21' proved to be a huge success, with every confirmed aircraft turning up and once again putting the event firmly back on the calendar.
The images within this report were taken over a number of different events so as to give an insight to the variety of aircraft than attend.

Surprisingly there's not always been an opportunity to photograph some of the based Royal Air Force 32(TR) Sqn aircraft

This BAe 146 CC.2 is seen in the squadron's hangar

This RAF C-130J Hercules above wears 100-years anniversary markings for 47 Squadron

Affectionately known as 'Nellie, this Chinook wears anniversary markings for the Royal Air Force's 27 Squadron

It is based at RAF Odiham

Helicopters feature heavily in most of the Northolt Night Shoots, along with propellor driven fixed-wing aircraft, due to the fact that long exposures on the camera can result in some spectacular prop' blur on the types

The French Securite Civile S-2 Tracker looks great with the props turning

This Army Air Corps Bell 212 from Middle Wallop is in service with 25 Flight

One of two CASA 235MPs operated by the Irish Air Corps

One of the 'rarest' aircraft to attend is this sole example of a Rockwell TP.86 Sabreliner operated by the Swedish Air Force

Belgian Air Component aircraft have been fairly regular attendees, this Agusta A.109 being a typical example

Providing a comparison to the SAR Sea King in the previous photograph, is this Royal Navy Sea King ASaC.7
Used in the Airborne Early warning (AEW) role, the radar housing is clearly visible on the fuselage side

French Air Force Eurocopter AS.555 Fennec from 01/040 ETOM

Another of one of the home team. This RAF Agusta A.109 stands out well against the darkening skyline

A type rarely seen outside its homeland is this French Army Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter

Conair S-2T Tracker F-ZBEW/11 sitting on the RAF Northolt ramp during 'Night Shoot X' stands out well against the dark backdrop

The proceeds raised from 'donations' during these events all go towards the RAF charitable funds in support of the restoration of the base's World War Two 'Battle of Britain' Operations Room, known as Building No.27. The events are well organised by Phil Dawe from start to finish, and I for one would like to say another big thanks for the effort that he always puts in. As an avid enthusiast and photographer himself he knows what is required and he and his team go out of their way to get unusual and diverse aircraft types to attend, as well as trying to provide ideal photographic conditions. Unfortunately, Phil does not yet have control of the weather gods!
With plenty of refreshments on hand, combined with some memorabilia often available to buy from some of the crews, the events make for very enjoyable evenings. As mentioned before, some of the expected participants do not always materialise, but that's the chance you take. Those that do attend though are well positioned and there are no issues in finding a variety of spots amongst the not too large attendances; so no pushing and shoving to get the prime locations necessary, as people on the whole are well behaved and courteous to each other. These events are open to all and run on a fairly regular basis, with a number of overseas visitors attending. So if you want something a little different, maybe one of RAF Northolt's Night Shoots is just what you need.

The theme for 'Night-Shoot X' was Search & Rescue (SAR)

This RAF Sea King from 202 Sqn being the first aircraft on the flight-line
Sadly it is another type since withdrawn from RAF service

Another visitor from Eire is this Agusta Westland AW.139

ZE707 is a BAe 146 C.3, one of two originally procured by the RAF for use in Afghanistan

32(TR) Sqn Bae 125 takes on fuel from a bowser on the RAF Northolt ramp
The type has since been withdrawn from RAF service