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**** New Reports for 2018 ****

European Air Transport Command

Exercise Iniochos 2018

EART & exercise Frisian Flag 2018

Irish Air Corps, Baldonnel

Exercise APROC 2018

RIAT/Fairford Airshow 2018

825 Naval Air Squadron, Royal Navy

Operation Sophia-EUNAVFOR

Exercise Cobra Warrior 2018

116 Combat Wing 'Aegean Ghost Vipers'

CRUZEX 2018  'Battling over Brazil'


'Battling over Brazil'

Cruzex is a multi-national exercise centred on Base Aérea de Natal, home to the Força Aérea Brasileira's, Segundo Comando Aéreo Regional.  Cruzex is designed to train pilots and commanders in the planning of Combined Air Operations, whilst also allowing FAB's personnel to train with minimal use of Command and Control systems. Cruzex reinforces and practices air tactics, techniques and procedures used during conventional air warfare, in which forces of different nations operate together. The 8th edition of Cruzex saw over 100 aircraft from Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Peru, the United States and Uruguay participate. Having never ventured to South America, we thought it was about time we added a new destination to our reports.

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air-to-air images

Over the years, Jetwash Aviation Photos has flown and continues to fly numerous air-to-air sorties with various air arms around the world. We'd like to share some of those images with you on the site. Helicopters, fighter jets, bombers and much more can be seen where they belong, in the air!

hellenic air force reports

Some of our most popular photo reports are those of the Hellenic Air Force. The Greek's fly a varied mix of modern and 'classic' types in their inventory, many of which rarely, if ever venture outside of their homeland. Jetwash Aviation Photos has worked with the HAF for many years, reporting from most of their air bases.

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